It would be nice to think of social media lasting forever in the digital world. But, as we have seen throughout history, all things come to an end.
How can we say that at a time like today?

Let’s flashback to 1997. This time the only messenger we know was AIM or simply known as AOL Instant Messenger. After a year, Yahoo messenger came in and became a hit. Let’s now head to 2002. Maybe some of us were making friends on Friendster and enjoying the time when we visit our profile just for the trendy background music. Does it give you some kind of nostalgic feeling? The next year that followed, Myspace was born and became a hit like Friendster. Oh, don’t forget the first time you started video chatting on Skype! That was so cool! Wait, there’s more! Just this year, 2020, Microsoft said they will no longer support Internet explorer starting next year. Imagine how huge internet explorer was during the late ’90s and early 00’s? Who would have thought these early social media and internet giants would become irrelevant from the online world? Although some of these media sites are still up and running, it’s no longer the same and the hype isn’t there any longer.

The death of the above-mentioned platforms has paved the way for the rise of the new generation of platforms like Facebook messenger, Facebook, Instagram, Zoom, and Safari, etc. Even the number 1 social media channel, Facebook, is different from what it was back in 2008.

The birth of social media networks has bridged the gaps between time zones and cultures. It has permitted us to connect to people on the other side of the world with fewer hassles. It helped us be informed on a global scale. The sole purpose of bringing people together for a good cause. Even these days, social networking sites are sticking to its purposes. It is used to inform the misinformed and give awareness.

So, what’s the matter? Why do we foresee that these platforms won’t last forever?

As we all know, each social media platform is also a business. Each platform is considered as a company. To keep a company running, it must yield profits so investors and stakeholders will stay. To keep the money from coming in, social media companies change their game from time to time. This is done to keep the users in play and enjoy something new. It is designed to hook people with it. And now advertising, shopping, and creating brands are included in the features of each social media channel. It’s all now about business. And the sole purpose of having “social” media networking has been defeated. It has now degenerated to become the hub of keyboard warriors and the main generators of fake content. It has become more toxic and some people are already doing some form of social media detox. Moreover, crimes like hacking and cyberbullying are starting to grow big online, making it unsafe for some, causing mental health issues and even suicide.

At some point in time, these social media icons will lose their charm to people and will eventually fade like what happened to Friendster, Myspace, etc. In fact, in some countries like Spain, there is a thirty-three percent growth in the number of people who deactivated their Twitter profiles from 2011 to 2016. This number is only in one country out of hundreds Therefore, it is still safe to say that we are still in the early stage or even going to the climax of using the different social media platforms.




To business owners, there is nothing to worry about having your businesses on different social media platforms. This is the best time to take advantage of the hysteria in the World Wide Web. Building up your business and brand is easy given that the amount of screen time during this year has made a tremendous increase. The Washington Post published an article about how iPhone screen time has skyrocketed in the first quarter of 2020. Social networking is the highest percentage of said screen time.

Social media companies may or may not have discussed the solutions for the problems that they are seeing online but business-wise, they are doing even better. Reasons why other platforms keep on adding features and ways to improve.

For new business owners who are reading this and are planning to have their business venture through social media, now is the time! Contact our team should you need help in setting a business profile on different platforms.



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