Why Marketers Need to Adopt Design Thinking Principles

The next stage of digital marketing?

In hindsight, design thinking is for creating innovative products that provide solutions to modern problems and to fulfil human desires that may not necessarily be a need. Nowadays, it goes beyond products and is used in services as well, such as in marketing.

If you feel like you are late to the Design Thinking party, we are happy to let you in. Below are the reasons why at Deniro Digital, marketers need to adapt design thinking principles.


Achieve unbiased approach to solving problems and creating marketing campaigns


Let’s say a marketer is tasked to promote two wines from different brands. One is meant to be marketed for Millennials aged 25-30 while the other one is for Baby Boomers aged 45-50 years old.


With design thinking, the focus is on the end-user of a product or service. Getting to know a certain demographic of a product or service being promoted is more likely to result in a  non-biased marketing strategy, especially since in this case, a marketer would be working for two brands.


Discover the root-cause of problems to come up with solutions


Imagine you are a dentist, but for products and services that you are trying to market.


They say you’ll know a good dentist when he or she knows what causes your teeth to hurt and when he or she knows how to prevent it from hurting. The same is true with marketers who are able to identify the root-cause of problems.


They not  only think of what looks nice, but also what the underlying causes behind the issues using a  design thinking approach.


Develop stronger empathy


Design thinking normally takes three to five steps to be achieved. According to a recent article from interaction-design.org, the first step is to empathise.


Creating a marketing campaign is not a one-size-fits-all thing, to create a more human-centric approach requires  applying empathy towards your target market, whether that is a product or service. Not only are you empathising with your target audience, you are encouraged to think critically by, in a way, getting to know more of the triggers and pain points of your target audience, their social media habits, as well as their spending habits.


Ultimately contribute to the continuous growth of the company you are helping or working with


Following the principles of design thinking means a marketer went above and beyond what is “nice and trendy” for the time being, your solution would be relevant for a longer period of time. You are likely to attract more clients because of your well-researched and well-designed marketing solutions that contribute to the continuous growth of your client’s business.


In a time where artificial intelligence is at its peak, the need for a human and emotional approach to problems is growing. This is where the demand for a marketer who can come up with a customer or human-centred approach is more valuable than somebody who is only after what looks visually appealing or data-driven alone.


To learn more about how Deniro Digital can help your business in terms of design thinking and marketing, feel free to contact us here.

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