An email has an ability many channels don’t: creating valuable, personal touches- at scale.

– David Newman, Author, Do It! Marketing.


Potential customers can be reached in various ways. That’s why there are different online marketing strategies used by companies nowadays. EDM has been here for a long time and is one of the effective marketing approaches in the digital marketing world.

What is an EDM? EDM stands for Electronic Direct Mail. It is a marketing strategy that is built from an email database that aims to reach prospective customers and groups of potential clients to increase sales. It is designed to inform your valued customers about the current promotions, updates, and other exclusive deals and alerts with a blast!



Statistics show that there are 3.9 billion email users worldwide and that number is expected to grow to 4.48 billion by the year 2024. Two years ago, roughly 281 billion e-mails were sent and received daily all over the world. (Statista, 2020)

Businesswise, these numbers mean a lot especially when you are using Email Marketing. It doubles or even triples the number of social media users, to be honest.


So, what makes an EDM so great?

It helps build trust between the company and its customers.

When customers visit your website, have signed-up as a user, agreed to receive newsletters or e-mail advertising, it means they trust your company and your products/services. It is an integral part of the business to build this kind of company-customer relationship.

Moreover, when you have the customer’s email in your database, this serves as your touchpoint. You can communicate with people who you already have a relationship with then convert them into loyal customers instead of potential ones.


It has a personal approach

The emails received by customers are normally personalized. This makes them feel special and important. In most emails, they have their name on it. This adds more to the excitement when they receive something in their inbox and open it. That gives you a good open rate. Some companies use the personal data of the customer and take advantage of sending EDM ads during the customer’s birthday with a specialized greeting. Of course, customers would be delighted to open it as it means a lot for them on their special day.


EDM is fast and easy

Sending a well-thought and well-outlined EDM ad only requires a few steps. Once you have everything polished, one click and it will be a blast. Plus, there are platforms developed to support Email Marketing. It does not require much time and effort to do it.


It is budget-friendly

Given that there is no need to print anything that saves a huge cut of your costs. You will be surprised if we say you will only need to invest your time and skill in crafting your EDM content. It is even possible to have zero cost as sending an email is free.


How does it look like?

Electronic Direct Mail is often misconstrued as e-mail marketing. There is a thin line that differs between the two. The former is not limited to email texts, it includes designs, pay-per-click, social media advertising, YouTube Ads, Google Ads, surveys, remarketing, etc. The latter is more on the text-based structure. Email marketing is part of EDM Marketing but not the other way around.

A powerful EDM marketing piece consists of noticeable content like the pictures below. It’s colorful, vibrant, and intriguing enough to make your customer open, click, and buy it.



Videos can be included in EDM marketing, too! Other companies incorporate short-clip videos or thumbnails of YouTube videos. Some customers would love to receive videos rather than reading texts or templates from the marketing emails. Emails do not allow heavy type videos. So, short clips about your promotions or advertisement are enough. Besides, customers have different ways of consuming marketing ads. So, make use of your customer’s data properly.


Stat wise, it is measurable

What you send to your customer’s email is not just a typical body text. That’s a kind of traditional approach. EDM includes marketing information that yields conversions. In the data, you will be able to see the number of opened emails, clicks, conversions, etc.


A mobile-friendly marketing approach.

Mobile phone usage is the norm. Most mobile phones have built-in electronic mail applications that notify the users when they receive electronic mails. It gave digital marketers the idea that EDM marketing content must be tailored to fit to mobile phones to cater mobile users as well. The sample pictures above are screen captures from a phone, and those are suited perfectly for both computer and mobile phone screens.

Now that you have learned how great EDM Marketing is for online business, you can now start re-evaluating your marketing plan and consider to include it. As David Newman says, “Do it!”.

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