Perhaps 2020 has made you re-examine your marketing strategy since online shopping has skyrocketed during the Covid-19 crisis. Electronic Direct Mail (EDM) marketing might sound like an old marketing approach. Yet, it still is one of the most effective ways of reaching, communicating, and converting your target audience into a loyal customer. Even in the age of social media marketing, EDM never goes out of style. It has proven its worth and is very cheap compared to other marketing channels. Read this article to get insights into what EDM is and What makes an EDM so great?


After learning how excellent EDM marketing is, maybe you are now thinking about what are the tools or platforms that marketers use to send emails to prospects/customers. Of course, marketers will not be sending it manually as it is time-consuming and can be stressful. But there is always a business solution to such a problem. That’s through the use of EDM platforms. Don’t worry, we’ve got that covered! We have put together a list of Top 5 Electronic Direct Mail Platforms that you could utilize in making your EDM marketing hassle-free. These platforms aim to make marketing easier for you and to track your numbers or monitor analytics.


1.HubspotHubspot is not only known for digital marketing training courses. It is a multi-functional tool for marketing. Subscribing to Hubspot for email marketing means it allows you to use other marketing features as well. These features include a CRM hub and a sales hub.The basic version is free. However, the whole hub (Marketing, sales, Service, and CMS) requires you to pay for a subscription. We hope by then you understand the limits between having a paid or a free version. Hubspot’s marketing hub is a one-stop tool to start marketing campaigns.


Sendinblue helps you in building a strong business connection with your customers through its built-in CRM. This system is responsible for keeping records of your customer info. Sendinblue helps you in creating an email or SMS design and sends transactional emails and SMS to target clients at the same time. Its marketing automation is a plus factor to EDM marketers as it is time-efficient and has this segmentation option that allows you to send engaging emails to more customers in different contact lists.


3.Constant Contact With Constant Contact’s email marketing feature, creating engaging email content is easy. An email-template builder gives you different templates to choose from depending on the purpose of your content. Not to mention the templates are mobile-friendly. These are relevant factors as most people nowadays check their emails from their mobile phones. The plus side of using this platform is that the analytics is in real-time. It gives you enough time to analyze the behavior of your target audience based on reports. Also, Constant Contact has built-in sharing tools for different social media platforms. You can combine your EDM content with other channels to provide visibility of your campaign. The platform is very user-friendly. Small business owners can start with this platform as a beginner and receive a good (like a pro) outcome. Note: Constant Contact does not have a free version.


4.Get Response
Combination of scheduling tools and email automation makes GetResponse a platform for many marketers. Creating your email content at the right time and sending it to the customers at the right time is the key to a high number of conversions. That is when GetResponse comes in handy for EDM marketers. No wonder why its tagline says “world’s easiest email marketing” because it’s simple and user-friendly. Its drag-and-drop functionality allows users to navigate tools effortlessly. The other features include bulk email sending, segmentation of contact lists, etc. GetResponse has a one month free trial version as well.


A feature of this platform can separate lists between prospective customers and prospects. With this, you can think of making different approaches to different segments of your list. You can do it by building an even stronger relationship with prospects/consumers and trying to convince them to be part of your growing marketing list. Convert Kit has a free plan that gives you the time to think if this is the right suite for your business before you decide to upgrade to a paid version.


There are so many outstanding EDM channels available online to be used for your business. We have narrowed down the choices based on the functionality for you because we believe that choosing the right tool makes an impact on your online business. You can also contact us for the best email solution here.

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