Wait, what? Does LinkedIn have stories?


Yes. LinkedIn launched its new feature 2 months ago called LinkedIn Stories. For Instagram and Facebook users, “stories” are not something new to them. For those who have no idea about it, here is the following information, and how you can use it for your business. 



Note: This feature is only available through the LinkedIn mobile app. Also, LinkedIn is still trying this feature that is why this is not available to everyone. As of this moment, this is only available to users and selected LinkedIn Pages based in Australia, Brazil, France, the Netherlands, and the UAE.


What are LinkedIn stories?


It is a 24-hour post that highlights your day. For a company profile, you can post about your company’s events, announcements, sales, or anything that can gain the customer’s attention. It vanishes after 24 hours. Stories can be in a series or multiple. You can freely post as many as you want. 

While LinkedIn is known as a professional social media platform, it is necessary to separate your personal stories from it. Keeping it professional is the key.


How can it be used for business?


Many people prefer checking stories than scrolling through their newsfeeds because it’s easier and catchier. Plus, you don’t have to click anything since stories jump from one to the next. You can get your brand noticed by creating an eye-catching story and this also helps your prospective customers think that your business page is active on the professional platform and you can be reached anytime. Also, you can see who is interested in your products because you have a way to check who viewed your stories. Moreover, customers can send you a message through your story.

Note: Story views have statistics like the audience reached, and other viewer information depending on their profile’s privacy setting.


(Credits to the owner)


What are the kinds of stories I can post?


Stories can either be a picture or a 20-second video. To accentuate your post, you may add stickers when posting your products. Also, you have the option to put audio on your videos or not. In business, engaging content can be posted on your stories. For instance, the famous “this or that” on Instagram which can give you a hint of your customer’s preferences for your products.


(credits to the owner)


Tip: You can put those pictures of your previous customer’s purchases and mention them using the @ sign followed by their username. ( ex. @denirodigital). This way, you can thank them for their previous or current purchases. Viewers can see who are your real customers and get curious about your product at the same time. Customers can mention you in their stories. You can take advantage of those mentioned stories by sharing it with your story.


Who can view my stories?

Your privacy matters. But in business publicity is the key. Your stories can be viewed by your connections. They can share it as well, which is good since it’s good in business. However, if you want someone in your connection not to see it, you may block the profile. In this way, both of you won’t be able to see each other’s stories.



What are the other functions of the stories?

Mistakes in posting are inevitable. If this happens, you don’t have to wait for 24 hours for your story to disappear. You can delete it anytime you want. Should you want a copy for yourself, you can save it. If you wonder how your stories look like, you may view your own stories by tapping your profile picture from the homepage.



How to get started?

Kindly download the app to your phone and log in to your profile. On top of the newsfeed, click the plus sign + which has a label that says, “Your Story” then choose the picture or video from your mobile gallery or take a shot directly from your mobile camera.


(Photo from LinkedIn)


If you belong to the countries which have this feature available, take advantage of it. Start creating your business “stories” through LinkedIn stories now.  

Did we miss any information or do you want us to help you in creating your LinkedIn stories? Feel free to contact us.






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