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This LinkedIn poster is true to its statement. The marketing strategy of your business can be optimized if you set your business page and run ads on LinkedIn. This platform not only reaches your typical customers but your ideal customers. Most of the people who have signed-up with LinkedIn are professionals, employees, and business owners. Also, 30 million companies have their business’ page set-up on this platform.

So, if you are marketing B2B, you are on the right track.


Here some FAQ’s for LinkedIn Advertising especially for those who are planning to promote their business for the first time. 


How can LinkedIn Advertising optimize my business?


LinkedIn will help you in building a strong business page, create brand awareness, and guide you running your ads based on your objectives. Brand awareness is all about how people are getting to know your business more and talk about it. When professionals talk about your business, you are on the right track. 


When your business is getting the attention, the more likely your target audience will click on your ads. Clicks are very important in digital marketing as it could mean revenue. 


LinkedIn will also help your business in building connections with other businesses for collaborations or business deals. 


What is the advantage of promoting my business with LinkedIn Ads?


With LinkedIn Ads, you can sift your target audience based on their attributes like their job title, their fields, or industry. You even have the option to narrow your target further. With this, you are hitting the bullseye for reaching the right target who is willing to spend. Plus, you can generate leads through campaigns. Remember, LinkedIn is one of the best platforms in lead generation. This feature is needed in a kind of business that has to reach the right target via sales emails or any forms of contacting them.


Besides, LinkedIn Ads decay slowly compared to other platforms. Meaning, your Ads can still be seen on top of the newsfeed as long as there are engagements on your Ad posts. Other platforms don’t do that. Your Ads will automatically vanish once the period ends. Speaking of Ads, there are Ad formats for you to choose from which are going to help your business get noticed.


Moreover, you do not need to add other business pages on your contact lists for you to reach them. Your Ad will reach them. 


How would I know if my Ads are working or not?


Like other digital marketing platforms, LinkedIn also has analytics where you can see traffic, clicks, engagements, views, forecasts, and conversions. These metrics are very important to see if your Ads are doing great or not. Also, the data is available on the dashboard for you to see the performance of your campaign. Always remember, the higher the number of engagements and reaches, the higher your revenue is. 


Is it expensive to run LinkedIn Ads?


Running a campaign on LinkedIn depends on how long your ad will be up and running and on your budget. In the budget section of your Campaign Manager account, it will prompt you the amount of your daily budget should be to reach your key results.


How will I start making my Ads?


First, you have to have a LinkedIn account (i.e. personal or business). Next is to set up a Campaign Manager account. Now, you can start to materialize your brand awareness and objectives, plan and run your ads, and manage your budget. Campaign Manager is user-friendly and it has prompts where you can navigate and explore the features. 


How do I set-up a Campaign Manager Account?


Setting up an account is very easy. Just log on to your profile and click the Advertise button or log on directly to


Once you are on the Campaign Manager page, click on the Create Account button.



Fill out the information.



There you go! You can start creating your campaign.



It is good to sign-up with LinkedIn Campaign Manager and take advantage of its free registration. If you need assistance in setting up an account or in running Ads, feel free to message our team here.

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