In August 2020, Instagram reached another milestone with its latest feature, Instagram Reels. This new feature can be compared to TikTok in terms of the creativity menu available for you to choose from and for you to use in getting the attention of your audience. The menu includes trendy music background (this one is not available yet for a business profile at the moment), stickers, effects, and text.

One of the big questions from Instagram users has been “there is already IGTV and IG Stories, what’s with Instagram Reels? What’s the difference?”. Instagram Reels allow you to upload short clips of videos up to 15 seconds. You may upload a video with the maximum full length or trim it and upload it as separate reels. IGTV covers videos with longer lengths while IG stories have options to upload pictures, Reels does not have that feature. Also, reels can be uploaded as stories while stories will not upload as a Reel. Additionally, with Instagram Reels, you can align each reel making it appear like the clips were taken by a pro. Also, Instagram reels can be saved in case you need to re-upload it in the future.

Another question from users is “with the creativity of Instagram Reels, how can it help my business?”

The answer is simple. Create reels based on your products or services that make your audience intrigued and informed at the same time. We all know Instagram showcases creativity. Let us cite examples to give you an idea for your reels. If your company is selling knitted sweaters in Australia, it would be engaging if you show a 5-second clip of how these sweaters are knitted and upload it with stickers and hashtags. Another example is a 5-second explainer video about the services that you provide. Or even a 5-second video showing how your team disinfects your products before boxing them. These three examples can make up an entire reel of 15-seconds and can be played on your stories. You have seen how TikTok content-creators do short videos with products, you can now use that creativity with Instagram reels too. Before jumping into reels, you can also check for examples to inspire you in using it for your business.

(Photo credits to Instagram)

Reels appear in the explore feed making it visible for everyone (except those profiles that are private accounts, of course). When it comes to business, visibility is the key. So, having your business Instagram page in public view can get you more organic engagement through your uploaded reels. Instagram itself chooses artistic reels to feature on the explore feed. It would be nice to have your reel chosen by Instagram and a great opportunity to get free advertising Reels:

Can be used through mobile app               X can’t be accessed through the website
Can use videos from phone gallery            X can’t use photos from the phone gallery
Can use videos from Instagram camera     X can’t use photos from the Instagram camera
have music for personal accounts              X do not have music for business page

How to get started? 


1. On your mobile app, you have two options to start using reel through:

Home page: click the camera on the upper left side and choose “reels” on the options
on the bottom.

Profile page: click the + sign on the upper left side, and create a new “reel”.

2. Set the music, the speed of your video, add effects of your preference. Then choose
the length of your video using the timer.

3. Upload a video from your phone gallery or take it straight from the Instagram camera.

4. After adding one reel, you can see it pre-saved on the left arrow beside the reel button.

5. You can add another reel if you did not reach the maximum length of 15-second video
by clicking the reel button in the middle.

6. Clicking the right arrow can give you a preview of the reels that you created. This
time, you can save it, add stickers, or add text.

7. Clicking the right arrow once more will give you the option to write a caption, share it
as reels or stories, or save it as a draft.

Sometimes the best way to gain customers and clients to be creative in presenting your
brands. This time, Instagram can say that reel is real.

Need help in creating eye-catching reels? Don’t be behind the trend. We are here to help you.

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