There are 1 billion Instagram users all over the world. Yes, you read it right. As of July 24, 2020, Instagram reached 1 billion users. The good news is that this fast-growing social media app has opened its doors to entrepreneurs who are aiming to promote their products or services through Instagram Business

So, what’s the catch? Aside from the fact that most people nowadays are on social media, Instagram is also owned by Facebook. Meaning, you can stay connected to your Facebook contacts without adding them on Instagram. How? By linking your Instagram and Facebook posts. It’s easy; it’s just a matter of a click. As to running an ad with Instagram, you have the option of whether you want to connect your ads to Facebook or not. Having an Instagram profile page is not a requirement to run an ad. Having a Facebook page of your business is already sufficient. 

Should you wish to create a business page on Instagram, you may do so by downloading the app and sign up. The advantage of having a business account is that there is an insight button that features the metrics of your content like reach, impressions, engagements, and even demographics.



Instagram ads are catchy, cost-effective, and engaging which are important for brand awareness and reach. Instagram is known as a photo-sharing app making the word “Instagram-worthy” famous and target prospects are more inclined to buy if it catches their attention. So, a catchy yet low-budget photo ad can reach your target audience faster than other platforms. Viewers of your ads can comment, like and tag their friends which will not only increase your ad reach but your followers as well. In the world of social media, brand awareness is fast and easy as more customers spend time using the app.


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Ads can either be in stories or feeds. What does that mean? Ads can be shown on either the newsfeed of your target audience as they scroll on their feeds. Another alternative is it will show on their Instagram stories. If your target customer is watching someone’s story, your ads can be shown as it jumps to the next story.

So, to start creating an ad? You may log on to By clicking on the “Create Ad” button, you will be asked to agree to the terms and conditions.



Completing the necessary steps will lead you to the Facebook ads manager. Again, Facebook owns Instagram so do not be surprised if you see Facebook ads manager. Then you can start navigating the tools to set-up your new campaign.



You might wonder if there are different features between a link and the app. Using the application, you can boost the engagement of a particular post using the blue “promote” button. This button will help you advertise your product post as an ad.



In promoting your brand with Instagram Business, you must know your objectives for your ads. Here are some other important details that you have to know when using this digital marketing platform.

The target audience is a very important element in a business. With Instagram, you will learn how to reach the right people by having the option to let them choose your audience or create your own. When you are the one controlling, you can freely choose the location, interests, age, and gender of your target audience. Narrowing down your target audience could mean you are aiming to hit the right market of your business.



Budgeting is also very important in running a business. Since you are marketing through Instagram, you will be spending on it. Is it expensive to have your business advertised on Instagram? The answer depends on how much you are willing to spend on a certain number of days. However, Instagram has set a minimum amount per day. You can customize this part depending on your budget.


There are similarities with Instagram Ads compared with other platform’s ads. The difference is that Instagram has a billion users which are good in digital marketing and engagements of your business.

Should you need assistance in setting up an Ad with Instagram, feel free to contact us.


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