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BERT, SEO, and Algorithms

We can think of many three-word combinations that are nice to hear. In a marketer’s world, BERT, SEO, and algorithm are terminologies that make or break the marketing game of the brands. In fact, last year, State of SEO found that 97% of marketers found SEO important for their brands, a huge jump from 88% in 2018.

Most have heard about SEO and algorithms, but what does BERT stand for and why is it necessary for marketers to understand this?

For starters, Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers or BERT is actually an algorithm—particularly an algorithmic update from Google. This algorithmic update aids in better understanding of conversational nuances in searches, which means it helps in understanding and interpreting search queries. It goes without saying, but to expand on it, this update makes the search engine user experience better because results are aimed to be of value to people using the search engine. Think of the times you accidentally typed Facebook and it gave you Facebook, or the times Google search completed your Google search about Chris Hemsworth for you.

The update is likely to affect about 10% of searches including organic searches, which means that while only 10% of searches are affected, businesses with sloppy content strategy and targeting unrelated keywords are less likely to progress.

SEO for your business

To put it in an old marketing meme Elon Musk recently shed a light upon, “The safest place to hide a dead body is the second page of Google search results!”

If you are to sell coffee machines Australia-wide, chances of you wanting to target keywords such as motorbikes and fertilisers in Australia would be slimmer than slim, right? So, instead, you would be targeting the obvious: Coffee. Machines. Australia.

According to research from Marketo, more than 90% of B2B buying decisions are made after an online search. Ideally, you would be clever enough to work on ranking on the first page, because not many people keep on searching after the first page. Providing better value than your competitors and sticking to keywords you can commit to providing better information and content about are essential to suit the algorithmic update.

Results don’t happen overnight.

Keep in mind that especially with the recent algorithm update, proper and careful word choice is essential.

Whether you are using a 15-dollar or 230-dollar anti-ageing cream for the first time today, wrinkles are less likely to disappear tomorrow. The same is true for SEO you need to test your SEO strategy out and be patient for results to come. Only then will you know whether it’s the right SEO strategy for your brand or fine-tuning is necessary.

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